Since Life is a great Teacher, I will be a great Student!

Life is really about learning about yourself, and others, but mainly learning about to what extent you allow others to treat you.  In relationships, rather they are with women or men, we usually have a strict code of how we allow others to treat us…or even what we do NOT allow from others.  Although our nature may be forgiving; our memories are more unforgiving.

In recent events I was able to learn that individuals whom I considered were my friends, were not really all that “friendly” behind my back.  Then I tried a little self-discovery; am I also fake and insincere to others (“Hi sweetie!”, “Hey girl how are you doing Honey?”) to their face; then as soon as someone who is not in earshot I “talk about them” too (“..did you see what she said..did..or wrote”)?  Checking yourself is no easy task, it takes more strength to check your personality, behavior, and character then it is to check others.

I can well remember a line said from a person who I lately came to admire.  Tara Banks once said in one of her Next Top Model episode, “everyone talks about everyone…and those who say they don’t, are lying”  she went on to advise…”but you have to ask yourself is it coming just from a gossipy and chatty place or is it coming from a mean and malicious place”.  I would never have thought that I could use anything of substance which relates to “my” life coming from a reality show!

After considering the situation regarding these young ladies I “considered” my friends, instead of holding onto the hurt, disappointment and angry I felt when I learned of what they said about me behind my back, I decided to finally let go and forgive those who don’t even felt they did anything is wrong….but more importantly I decided to learn and be an excellent Student.  Life is about positive growth and making improvements in one’s life and I hope to never stop being a good student.  hmmm…funny how it took the behavior of others, to compel me to improve my character and therefore behavior as well.

WHY DO WE FALL…IN ORDER TO GET UP” (the movie: The Dark Knight)

2 comments on “Since Life is a great Teacher, I will be a great Student!

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