…First Class…?

I recently was aboard a flight returning from a wonderful relaxing 7-day cruise of the Eastern Caribbean.  Just as I was about to relax , adjust my seat and place my tray in a downward position for a good read; I heard the wail of a child on board repeating a constant phrase over and over.  The sound that was reoccurring sound almost like a type of incantation.  The toddler repeated over and over “I love you”…any other time this would be a sweet and adorable phrase; but because  it was continual and in the same monotone voice-it increasingly began to rattle my nerves.

I would never think of vocalizing my discontent…it would be considered insensitive and “classless”!

contrarily, in a flight not far away….my sister, (not biological but spiritual),  along with her husband, 10-month old child and mother were bestowed First Class tickets!  The reason I state that her child is 10-month old will be quite pertinent later in the story.

While in first class this is what occurred.  Firstly, my sister was denied entrance “into” 1st Class…she was wearing a “jogging suit”; which is apparently NOT ALLOWED in 1st Class seating!  although there is no listing, posting or placard of any kind (or at least that I am aware) which reads that Passengers are to dress in a particular attire.

*after a little research I discovered the following:

“According to a close friend who flies for Delta Airlines, “stand by”pass riders follow the same appearance requirements for nonrevenue and revenue passengers. Agents would deny boarding to pass riders for appearance reasons only if they would deny boarding for a revenue passenger in the same circumstance.  You see, airlines must be respectful of our revenue passengers and our dress should not interfere or offend them in any way. He further stated that DL has a new relaxed Dress Code which was implemented way back on 15 April 2007, and this new policy allows jeans to be worn”

I also found this answer interesting, written from a former Flight Attendant:

“There is no specific dress code (other than what is permissible for all travelers in all sections).  Dress codes are often implemented for airline employees flying in first class and also if by necessity they need to move someone from coach to first, due to seating duplication, etc, in which case they will usually select someone who is well-dressed and has paid a higher fare for their coach class ticket.”

Source(s): former flight attendant

…but I digress, Secondly, what is most interesting from this ordeal is that when my sister was refused entrance into 1st Class, she left her child with the father and her mother.  Due to the fact that the child was without her mother quite naturally she cried.  Just as I was annoyed the passengers in 1st Class were also perturbed as well…Unfortunately, they did not act with “class”; and instead blurted “that is why we have not children”…and the woman further bellowed  “I would rather drink bleach than have a child”!

I was astounded to learn what had occurred; it is true that I, like all of us can be annoyed by crying children–but making a negative statement aloud does draws the line!  I guess they believed, literally, the old saying that  “children should be seen and not heard”.

This has definitely placed a different perspective on my… “I love you”  toddler on my flight.  Perhaps the fact that I love my sister’s baby so very much and know the infant’s moods and behavior well; unlike the yelping toddler that was on my flight.  Hmmm….as I always said…there is nothing wrong with examining oneself, and a bit of  introspection is always healthy to ones personal growth (especially my own). lol!

Therefore, on your next plane ride to that fabulous Vacation or Trip remember THAT CHILD WITH THE SHRILL PIPING VOICE  MAY BE YOUR OWN OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW! LOL!!

…how cute…?

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