before seeking to find love…try loving yourself first and foremost!

I have some friends who have fallen in love, or so they though, and some friends who has never been in love.   All in all it seems that, with the friends I have, they have been hurt by love.  One may ask how can this be…is not love suppose to be a wonderful feeling?  If it is why then most of my friends confess that they have been hurt so many times by love?  Can it be that they were never truly in love…but instead was in love with the “ideal” of being in love. 

As for myself, I am not qualified to answer any of questions above; because I have never truly been in love myself.  After observing the love lives of my friends, co-workers and acquaintances, I am relieved that I have not been hurt by love  as often as most.  So, what are some words that have four letters: F-A-I-L (as in the way you feel when you find out that the one you “love” is having either an emotional or physical relationship with another…

Instead of worrying whether or not that person will cheat…once again!

worry whether or not your self-respect is damaged or rather you are being a good example to your daughters, proteges, or other young girls and other women?  Trust that the Lord will put in your path the person for you…in other words “consult God”; even if that means He does not have someone for you….yet….He is on a different time zone than we are…(lol)!

 but also there is another four letter word that one thinks of when thinking of LOVE… H-O-P-E, the hope that one feels when they are entering into a new possibility of a true L-O-V-E you can trust!   Love you first, before trying to love someone else who choices not to respect by and cherish your love…

and remember people will treat you only…how you will allow them to treat you (words of wisdom from a true friend…Thank You!).  Final words of wisdom…do not give up on love, because once you find true and real is something that can be so wonderful, explosive and exciting.  Thank God for creating ……..

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